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‘100% Nigerian’ Tractor,

A tractor made by a Nigeria engineer, Timothy Addigi Terfa, is to be launched soon.

Terfa, a UK trained engineer says he designed and built the tractor named Ijodo, meaning labour in the Tiv language with a team of skilled individuals.

The tractor is designed with different attachments to cover a variety of farm jobs.

Terfa’s invention comes at a time when the Nigerian government seeks to diversify the country’s ailing economy through agriculture.

About 70% of Nigerian farmers are smallholder farmers who still practice manual agriculture because of the high cost of farm machinery.

FM-Nigeria Farmer
Some Ijodo tractors have been sold, but the engineer is looking for more investment.

Terfa says his aim is to encourage and motivate Nigerians to do something with the ideas they have to make Nigeria better.


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