Facts about Cassava

Cassava is loaded with Vitamin B and C, calcium, carbohydrates and minerals. Cassava is an excellent source of vitamins such as thiamin, folates, riboflavin, Vitamin B6 and pantothenic acid. Cassava possesses anti-nutrients which can have either positive or negative effects on health depending on the intake.

Young tender cassava (yuca) leaves are good source of dietary proteins and vitamin-K. Vitamin-K has a potential role in the bone strengthening by stimulating osteoblastic cells activity in the bones. It also has an established role in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease patients by limiting neuronal damage in the brain.

It is one of the chief sources of some essential minerals like zinc, magnesium, copper, iron, and manganese for many inhabitants in the tropical belts.Also, it has adequate amounts of potassium an important component of cell and body fluids that help regulate heart rate and blood pressure.

Health Benefits of Cassava

  • Promotes skin health

The study conducted shows that the intake of Vitamin C assist to lower the appearance of wrinkles, skin dryness and slows down the aging process. Vitamin C is vital for the formation of ligaments, tendons, blood vessels and skin. It also speeds up the healing process of the wound. The evidence shows that the skin cream with Vitamin C reduces the redness of the skin, scars and wrinkles. The diet rich in antioxidants helps to prohibit skin cancer.

  • Assist Treatment of Cancer

The drugs with the cancer fighting effect used in the chemotherapy could be promoted with the high intake of Vitamin C. Vitamin C targets only those cells that require these nutriments whereas normal cells are also damaged by the drugs. Researchers report that Vitamin C is the effective remedy for the treatment of lung and ovarian cancer.

  • Repairs Damage

Vitamin C has the ability to inhibit the damage caused by the pollutants, toxic chemicals and free radicals. The buildup of free radicals leads to the health ailments such as heart disease, cancer and arthritis. The free radicals develop during the process of breaking down of food or exposed to tobacco, smoke and radiation.

  • Prevent Osteoporosis

The combination of calcium, manganese, copper and zinc assist to lower the loss of bone in the older women who are most prone to the weak bones and bone fractures. The deficiency of manganese leads to the bone ailments since the manganese enhances the bone metabolism by assisting the formation of bone regulatory enzymes and hormones. Studies have shown that the intake of manganese with vitamin D, zinc, calcium, copper, magnesium and boron promote the bone mass which helps to treat osteoporosis.

  • Assist Respiratory Health

Research shows that the intake of manganese with the minerals such as zinc and selenium is helpful for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease which is caused by the smoking. Manganese is able to reduce the oxidative stress and inflammation by producing SODs.

  • Cassava Lower Symptoms of PMS

Studies show that women having low level of manganese in the blood experience mood related symptoms and more pain during Pre-Menstruation (PMS). The adequate consumption of manganese with calcium assists to recover the PMS symptoms such as muscle pain, tenderness, mood swings, anxiety and trouble in sleeping.

  • Brain Health

Copper is essential for the brain pathways such as galactose and dopamine which helps to maintain the focus and mood. The deficiency of copper results in fatigue, metabolic activity, poor mood and concentration problem. Copper helps to utilize the antioxidants such as superoxide, Vitamin C, ascorbate oxidase, dismutase and tyrosinase. The antioxidants prevent the brain damage by free radicals and slow down the aging process which is responsible for cancer, signs of aging and neuro-degenerative disease.

  • Reduce Arthritis

Copper possess anti-inflammatory abilities which provides relief from stiffness and pain related to arthritis. It strengthens the muscles, repair connective tissue and lower joint pain. The arthritis patients wear copper bracelets with a belief that it can reduce the painful symptoms associated with arthritis.

  • Enhance Immunity

Vitamin B1 assists to sustain the muscle tone on the digestive tract walls. The healthy digestive tract helps to absorb the nutrients from the food that is used to enhance the immunity and prevents from diseases. Vitamin B1 assists in the hydrochloric acid secretion that is required for the food digestion and nutrient absorption.

  • Vision health

Research shows that Vitamin B1 helps to counteract the vision problems such as glaucoma and cataracts as it is able to influence the signals of muscle and nerve which is essential to relay the information to the brain from the eyes.

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