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Nigeria Faces Famine Due to Security Challenges – FEWSNET.


Famine Early Warning Systems Network, FEWSNET a leading provider of information and analysis on food security has warned that Nigeria and 44 other countries may require emergency food assistance in 2018.

According to a recent FEWSNET report, an estimated 76 million people will need emergency food assistance this year, adding that provision of humanitarian assistance will be a primary determinant of whether famine is averted.

The study notes the ongoing conflict will be the primary driver of food security emergencies during 2018 in Nigeria, Afghanistan, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), the Lake Chad region, South Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

“In these countries, on-going insecurity will continue to disrupt livelihoods, limit trade and market functioning, displace households, and hinder the delivery of humanitarian assistance”, the report states

Humanitarian access has improved in some areas in northeast Nigeria, but famine may be ongoing in the remaining inaccessible areas of Borno state where access to food has been limited by ongoing conflict.

“In northern Yobe state and in central Borno state, some conflict-affected populations are mainly dependent on humanitarian assistance and are facing crisis (IPC Phase3!), while others have access to both income-earning opportunities and functioning markets and remain in crisis (IPC Phase 3). Populations less affected by the conflict across the three states are stressed (IPC Phase 2)” FEWSNET reports.

Most poor households depend on their own productions, leading to a seasonal decline in food prices in markets.

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