Incredible Nigerian Agriculture Fact

July 6, 2016

Agriculture in Nigeria has greatly improved in the past few years because of the advent of technology and other necessary infrastructures. Growth in agricultural output has no doubt been on the rise as farmer are [Read More]

Facts on Post-Harvest Losses

July 1, 2016

Post-harvest losses sometimes account for 50% or even higher, especially on commodities like tomato or fresh produce. But even in grains, where you don’t expect post-harvest losses, up to 35% could be incurred, and it [Read More]

Top 10 Tomato Growing Tips

May 30, 2016

1.  Don’t Crowd Seedlings. If you are starting tomatoes from seed, be sure to give the seedlings plenty of room to branch out. Crowded conditions inhibit their growth, so transplant them into their own individual [Read More]

General tips for backyard poultry production

May 30, 2016

The following tips on aspects of small scale or backyard poultry should be used as a guide only. Poultry Hub accepts no responsibility for persons who use this information to grow or prepare poultry and poultry related products. [Read More]

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